Top 8 “something blue” ideas for your destination wedding

By Natasha Jervis

A destination wedding is one of the most unique wedding celebration styles that a couple can have, but what happens when your special day in the tropics is just around the corner and you haven’t found something blue yet? I know how I was when I was frantically searching for something blue  and unique before getting married on the beach in Mexico last May, and believe me, it wasn’t pretty.

There are loads of ideas that you can use as your something blue, from blue flowers and blue toenail polish to blue hair accessories and earrings. How about mixing things up and breaking free from the same old, same old? Check out these eight unique something blue ideas for your tropical destination wedding.

Anklet or charm bracelet

Many brides decide on earrings with little blue jewels in them. An anklet or bracelet with little blue charms is a bit more untraditional when it comes to wearing something blue on your wedding day. Bear in mind that your gown will probably hide an anklet like mine did, whereas a sparkling blue charm bracelet will be seen by everyone.

Bow tie?

For your man that is. A unique idea is to have your man bring the blue to your wedding day. There are loads of tasteful bow ties out in stores, so you won’t have any problem finding one. The hardest part will be getting your husband-to-be to wear it.

Hair accessories

A popular choice among brides is to add a blue clip or ribbon in their hair. Get creative and be a wild child by placing blue orchids (fake or real) in your hair. Orchids are unique and stunning on their own, so imagine how beautiful you’ll look with one of the most exotic flowers in your hair. For example, for my destination beach wedding, I placed white orchids in my hair and my man loved the exotic style. Be more daring than me and make them your something blue!


We aren’t talking about your dear old great grandmothers 1930s vintage brooch here. If you want to spruce up your wedding dress, you can attach a silver brooch with little blue crystals or if you are part of the more affluent crowd, sapphires.


Your something blue can be something you put on and take off, as long as you wear it at some point in the official ceremony. While you may not want to wear a shawl over your wedding dress in the blazing hot sun, you may be thankful for it afterwards when the temperatures drop and the breeze comes in. You can wear a light blue shawl as you walk down the aisle and pass it to a family member to hold.


This was another one of my simple solutions for something unique and blue at my tropical destination wedding. I attached a piece of blue ribbon around my bouquet of flowers. It was a simple and easy idea, and when my anklet wasn’t showing during the ceremony, my ribbon was.


A blue clutch purse is a unique way to add some blue elegance to your wedding outfit. It is also a smart bride move, as you can keep your “refresher” makeup with you during the ceremony and festivities that follow after.

Wedding dress

Step out of your comfort zone and be extraordinary. Get married in blue! This is a fantastic way to solve two wedding day dilemmas at one time. There are so many blues out there to choose from and in these modern times, women can wed in whatever they like. Your something blue can be you!