The 10 reasons why you need help with wedding planning

By Joe Tuck

Articles about destination wedding tips and trends can give you ideas and inspiration but consulting with an actual wedding expert will be the best decision you can make. While friends and family are great at offering their love and support, a consultant can be of the practical assistance, which will lead to savings in the long run. Here are 10 ways your consultant can help.

  1. Your consultant has an established relationship with the at-destination resort and understands what the in-house wedding planners can provide on the ground. This goes a long way toward managing expectations and seeing that every detail is twice confirmed. Dealing with a resort directly might mean you won’t hear back straightaway. The consultant is a reliable partner who speaks the resort staff’s language, professionally and likely, linguistically.
  1. You’ve chosen the best spot on the beach for your destination wedding but what will you and your guests do before and after the ceremony? Every location has its signature hot spots and activities, and your consultant can hook you up with the best tours, whether it’s an adventure for the whole group or an intimate excursion for two. These safe and reliable tour recommendations can bring peace of mind when it’s most needed. Surprise your bridal party with surfing lessons, or, your spouse-to-be with a jeep tour to swim under a waterfall
  1. It’s the M.O. of a wedding expert to cater to large groups. Taking your wedding abroad means coordinating flights, resorts, and tours for all of your closest family and friends. You might have folks coming along who’ve never been issued a passport stamp and an expert is a great resource to have in your back pocket. Putting travel coordination in the hands of a consultant who can offer a bespoke service lets you focus on the romance and fun parts of a wedding, like choosing the dress and playlist songs for the reception.
  1. You won’t see the fruits of your labour until you arrive; as a result, this once-in-a-lifetime event comes with many questions. What do I have to pay for? What will the flowers look like? Does the beach really have white sand? Is the food any good there? For your consultant these questions are common and they can advise you so that what you want is what you can expect upon arrival.
  1. Plan B. What if there is bad weather, last minute guest additions or someone needs to cancel? Up and to the moment the vows are spoken anything can happen and your consultant can advise you on all the second best options to carry under your cap when the unexpected occurs or things fall sideways.
  1. What to bring/What not to bring. Packing is never an easy task, never mind having to include a wedding dress and tuxedo shoes as carry-ons. You’ll be surprised by what can be provided for at the destination, on or off the resort, so cross-reference your checklist with the wedding consultant and perhaps you can leave the hair blower and curling iron at home.
  1. A destination wedding offers up the chance to party in paradise and it will likely connect you with a different culture. Many couples choose to incorporate elements of the local milieu into their wedding day. While your consultant is connected in your destination, they’ll also be able to give you local referrals in your home town – i.e. a Salsa Dance Instructor or a Spanish language tutor.
  1. Travel brochures are as thick as telephone books and you can go cross-eyed wading through all the choices. Do you want to stay in ocean-side villas or under a jungle canopy; a city-sized resort and casino with all the amenities or a boutique style hotel; island or mainland? Sitting down with a consultant will allow you to talk through what is most important to you for a wedding destination and your consultant will be able to present the best resort options available.
  1. Next to having a baby, planning a wedding always brings with it, loads of advice and suggestions from friends and family. While these words of wisdom are imparted with the best of intentions, having a consultant in your corner is firstly, a reliable filter to run all the information through, and second, they are a third party confidant that can handle your venting about family frustrations without making judgements.
  1. We couldn’t avoid it. The BUDGET. Given the investment of time and money this feast of occasion commands it makes sense that hiring a consultant will lead to long-term savings. The expert can keep your budget in check, help you set realistic goals, let you know about money saving ideas and over expenditures, and present you with options that will save you headaches on what will be a day of no regrets.