Real Weddings

Real Wedding: Samantha & Darren

Where it all Started Samantha and Darren first met at a party when they were in university. She was immediately attracted to his smile and he thought she was beautiful – especially in the leopard-print sweatshirt she was wearing that night! The minute Darren walked through the doors at the party, Samantha thought “I’m going …

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Real Wedding: Ashley & Chris

Where it all Started Ashley, a LEED purchaser and Chris, a forensic video analyst first met as coworkers at a music shop. At first, the two coworkers kept it professional. Then one day, Chris asked Ashley on a sushi and movie date – and the rest was history! Adventure Photos Within the first year of …

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Real Wedding: Jessica & Edray

Where it all Started Dental hygienist, Jessica and Edray, a computer technician, first met at a family function in 2008. Edray’s friend was married to Jessica’s cousin, so they would see each other occasionally at family gatherings over the years. The two had talked briefly a couple times, but it wasn’t until a joint bachelor …

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Real Wedding: Kristy & Christopher

Where it all Started Both from a small town in Saskatchewan, Kristy and Chris’ love story started with a Facebook friend request. The pair were both in a mutual friend’s wedding party, which Kristy used as an excuse to send Chris a friend request. He accepted and sent her his number, asking if she wanted …

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Real Wedding: Christine & Tyler

Where it all Started Christine and Tyler’s love story started at a New Year’s Eve party in 2009 where they first met – however, it would be another five years before the pair met again and began their relationship. For their first official date five years later, Tyler took Christine to his friend’s romantic French …

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