Real Weddings

Real Wedding: Vow Renewal: Rhoshell & Andrew

 Where it all started Rhoshell and Andrew met while studying engineering at the same college in Florida. Intrigued by his intelligence, Rhoshell asked Andrew on a date and the duo danced the night away at a trendy nightclub. The happy couple dated for the rest of their school years and couldn’t bear the thought of …

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Real Wedding: Devon & Jonathan

 Where it all started It was fate disguised as misfortune that brought Jonathan and Devon together. Devon had to undergo physiotherapy after a workplace injury and, by luck, ended up receiving treatment at the clinic Jonathan worked at. One afternoon, the pair passed by one another in the hallway and exchanged a single glance, after …

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Real Wedding: Maria Elena & Jonathan

 Where it all started Maria Elena and Jonathan’s love story began in the eighth grade. For their first date, Jonathan invited Maria Elena to a Halloween party at their school. The pair lost touch as they grew older but years later, fate brought them back together and the couple reconnected in paradise at Riu Caribe …

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Real Wedding: Michelle & Mike

 Where it all started Michelle and Mike’s love story dates back almost 30 years ago to their high school days in Thunder Bay. The pair hung out with the same group of friends and Mike had a secret crush on Michelle. After losing touch for many years, their paths crossed again, and the friends seamlessly …

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Real Wedding: Vickie & Daniel

 Where it all started Vickie and Daniel were friends in high school, but it wasn’t until they reconnected at a pool party years later that a romantic connection sparked between them. At the party, Daniel was accompanied by his two-year-old daughter, Rosalie, and upon seeing what an exceptional father he was Vickie agreed to go …

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