Real Weddings

Real Wedding: Lauren & Rob

 Where it all started Despite sharing the same hometown, Lauren and Rob’s love story began online. Lauren made the first move and added Rob on MSN and the pair began chatting online day and night. Finally, Rob asked Lauren to meet in person and planned a romantic first date at their local park. Since the …

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Real Wedding: Yamila & Romulo

 Where it all started Yamila and Romulo met through mutual friends while on a camping trip. The pair became friends first but as time passed they realized they had an undeniable romantic connection, and although they didn’t fall in love fast, they fell hard. One evening after a romantic dinner date, Yamila and Romulo went …

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Real Wedding: Teresa & Germaine

 Where it all started Teresa and Germaine met during a ski trip to Blue Mountain. Within a week of knowing one another, Germaine and Teresa were confident that they were meant to be together; Teresa jokingly asked if Germaine had good credit and he predicted that “At Last” by Etta James would be their first …

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Real Wedding: Alyssa & Vincenzo

Where it all Started Alyssa and Vincenzo’s love story has been sweet since the start. The pair met on a dating app and Vincenzo he asked Alyssa on a coffee date to his favorite Italian bakery. After arriving 45 minutes late, Alyssa was nervous their first date would also be their last, but to her …

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Real Wedding: Micaela & Roberto

Where it all Started Micaela and Roberto attended the same high school, but they didn’t know one another so their love story didn’t begin until five years later when they finally met at a local bar. The pair was introduced by mutual friends and sparks flew instantly ­– they shared the same sense of humor, …

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