Real Weddings

See how real couples tied the knot in paradise with our Real Weddings series. Check out previous couples’ photos and read all about their big day to get inspired for your wedding in paradise. Ready to start planning your Real Wedding? Contact a Consultant for more details and to request a quote.

Real Wedding: Michelle & Mike

 Where it all started Michelle and Mike’s love story dates back almost 30 years ago to their high school days in Thunder Bay. The pair hung out with the same group of friends and Mike had a secret crush on Michelle. After losing touch for many years, their paths crossed again, and the friends seamlessly …

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Real Wedding: Vickie & Daniel

 Where it all started Vickie and Daniel were friends in high school, but it wasn’t until they reconnected at a pool party years later that a romantic connection sparked between them. At the party, Daniel was accompanied by his two-year-old daughter, Rosalie, and upon seeing what an exceptional father he was Vickie agreed to go …

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Real Wedding: Lauren & Rob

 Where it all started Despite sharing the same hometown, Lauren and Rob’s love story began online. Lauren made the first move and added Rob on MSN and the pair began chatting online day and night. Finally, Rob asked Lauren to meet in person and planned a romantic first date at their local park. Since the …

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Real Wedding: Yamila & Romulo

 Where it all started Yamila and Romulo met through mutual friends while on a camping trip. The pair became friends first but as time passed they realized they had an undeniable romantic connection, and although they didn’t fall in love fast, they fell hard. One evening after a romantic dinner date, Yamila and Romulo went …

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Real Wedding: Teresa & Germaine

 Where it all started Teresa and Germaine met during a ski trip to Blue Mountain. Within a week of knowing one another, Germaine and Teresa were confident that they were meant to be together; Teresa jokingly asked if Germaine had good credit and he predicted that “At Last” by Etta James would be their first …

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