Our 10 Favourite Exit Toss Ideas

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Brides today are ditching cliché wedding toss ideas (we’re looking at you, rice!) in favour of fanciful and fun ways to walk back down that aisle with the groom in-hand. The exit toss has been a part of weddings since the Roman Empire and the custom is meant to symbolize the newlyweds’ prosperous new life and fertile future. While the exploding bird myth* has been debunked in recent years, the exit toss is still leaving rice behind in a glittery or lavender scented dust. Here are our top ten picks for creative wedding tosses:

*Back in the 1980s, the throwing of rice was actually prohibited in some U.S. states due to a fear that consuming uncooked rice would make birds explode!

1. Mini Beach Balls

Perfect for a destination wedding, we love this fun and photo-worthy idea. Easy to pack and fun to play with, throwing mini beach balls (that can also be personalized to match your colour scheme) is a great way to embrace your theme and add a pop of colour to your wedding pics.

wedding party and beach balls

2. Sprinkles

Cute, colourful and biodegradable, this trending toss idea is a fun way to spread some sweetness. Avoid a melting fiasco by placing the sprinkles in paper cones in the air-conditioning until the ‘moment’ arrives.


3. Leaves

Throwing leaves is a great way to embrace the season if you’re having a a fall wedding. If you’re tying the knot with a destination wedding, tropical green leaves or eucalyptus are a great way to add a bold bit of green to your photos. The best part? If your wedding is outdoors and there’s a breeze then there’s no cleanup necessary.


4. Snow

Tossing snowflakes can be a really eye-catching exit. You don’t need to dismiss this idea if your ceremony is on the beach either; opt for fake snow confetti to create the ultimate ‘snow in summer’ look.


Eco friendly snow from


5. Lavender

Give guests packets or cones of dried lavender for a pretty toss with a lovely scent.



6. Bird Seed

Eco-friendly and tasty for any feathered-friends that may stop by later, bird seed is wallet-friendly and easy to pack into small bags.

birdseed packets

Photo by JacquelynVaccaro. Items available on her Etsy store.

7. Flower Petals

Couldn’t find a flower girl? No problem! Let all your guests rejoice in your union and toss some pretty petals in the air. If your ceremony is in a tropical oasis be sure to request some blooms that grow locally for the toss to give the exit an authentic touch.


8. Rosemary

Another scented toss idea that will remind your guests of Italian villas, the long and pretty green leaves of rosemary sprigs will look beautiful in the air or in pretty packets.


9. Push-Pop Confetti

These poppers are just the right amount of messy. Leave one on your guest’s chairs or have a wedding party member pass around these colourful poppers with clear instructions on when to release. We recommend checking with your venue that confetti is allowed because the cleanup can be a bit of a chore.

The Original Push Pop Confetti from Thimblepress

10. Metallic stars

A great option for glamorous weddings or even New Years Eve nuptials, these metallic stars are a great way to make your exit shine.

Golden stars in the form of confetti on white