Gifts for Groomsmen and the Experience at Gotstyle

Accessories are the gift that keeps on giving

Just as a good suit is a great investment, dapper accessories are just as key for your groomsmen’s look for the wedding day. Where better for us to find a little inspiration than while we were at the Gotstyle Bathurst store which was filled with gentlemen-worthy goodies that could be used for the big day and many days after. Whether you give a pocket square to be worn for the wedding or grooming products that can be used daily, a little gift for those joining you in destination is never a bad idea.


If a few or all of you visited the store to pick out your suits, why not commemorate a successful shopping experience with flasks wrapped in a leather sleeve. Perfect for tucking away into an inner jacket pocket, these will likely be used multiple times.


Freshen Up

Consider unique grooming products for the guys as a way to feel fresh and rejuvenated in destination, these organic shave balms and styling creams by H by Hackwell are made with ingredients like citrus and fennel for a spa-like treat for the face.


Carry-On Ready

Create a stylish care-package that’s perfect for carry-on luggage all packed in a leather travel case. We loved this Carry On Cocktail Kit, compass-themed cufflinks, and handy handkerchiefs perfect for beach photos in the sun.


Square Off

The pocket square to groomsmen is what earrings are for a bridesmaids—the wedding day attire isn’t quite complete without this finishing touch. Give your groomsmen different squares in similar hues for a unique but cohesive look.


Perfect Packs

They’re going to need one to get to the destination so help your guy squad along with a sporty and versatile carry on or backpack in leather or a case with wheels.


Lapel Love<

Show those perfectly cut lapels off with a vibrant floral shaped lapel pin, better than a floral boutonniere these accessories won’t ever wither.


Pop of Colour

Another way to help your groomsmen stand out, these cool laces by Stolen Riches feature quirky names and stylish silver-toned aglets for a polished tip.


Tied with a Bow

Well, preferably a Windsor knot, but a tie is a groomsmen gift classic that’s practical and thoughtful. It’s always difficult to try and match a colour perfectly so take out the guess work and give a tie instead.


Slip on or Lace Up

The trend of brides paying for their girls’ shoes is growing trend and the guys can adapt this too, a pair of penny loafers or brogues are also excellent ideas for your father and in-law.


Show Your Support

Dare to show off vivid patterns or choose to go classic, a finely-crafted belt is another gift your groomsmen can re-use daily.


The Gift of Grooming

For those who would rather pay for an experience together stop into the store for a royal shave, clean up, head shave or even hair colour, to ensure everyone looks their best for all the photos to come.