5 Destination Wedding Options to Explore

We’ve all been there. You’re on Pinterest searching destination wedding ideas and there’s so many beautiful images it’s hard to know where to start. Before you visit your destination wedding consultant it can help to start researching some of the places you and your partner would be interested in. Let us here at Wedding Vacations help you start the planning process with some picks that you may not have considered.


Where: Palm Beach or Oranjastad

Why: Often praised as one of the most beautiful islands in the Caribbean, Aruba’s beautiful beaches, crystal clear waters, and incredible landscapes offer plenty for destination weddings. Located outside of the hurricane belt, this small island’s sunny days are paired with refreshing breezes and low humidity. If beach weddings are your #1 choice, why not choose the island with a seven mile strip of glorious, powdery white sands. Set out and explore this island’s highlights like Casibari Rock, Alto Vista Chapel, or stroll through the streets of Oranjastad.

When: The climate in Aruba is pretty much perfection year-round. May is typically the warmest month, January being the coldest at an average of 27°C (80°F) and November getting a little more rain but still not enough to dampen your guests’ spirits.

Aruba 2

Costa Rica

Where: Liberia and Playa Langosta

Why: Combining postcard-worthy beaches with some of the most lush, verdant foliage, Costa Rica is an oasis for those who want to do more than just beach hop (but really, you could do that too). This is the perfect option for active couples or nature lovers who can be married surrounded by blossoming tropical flowers and rolling mountains in the background. For a selection of eco-excursions, few destinations offer a wider range of options than Costa Rica; everything from rainforest canopy tours to relaxing hot spring visits let you and yours relax or get a shot of adrenaline.

When: Depending on which region you visit the country has a wet and dry season, but it differs by area. Typically Guanacaste is the driest, the Caribbean coast is wetter, and the Pacific side is hot all year long.

Costa Rica 2



Where: West Bay Beach or French Harbour

Why: This Honduras island is one of the best spots for snorkelling and diving. While on dry land visitors are enchanted by this this island’s white-sand beaches and rolling hills. If you and yours want all the tropical splendor of some of the destination wedding hot spots but want to bring your guests to somewhere new and exciting, Roatan is the gem you’re looking for. With such incredible reefs just off-shore this is the place for a trash the dress session underwater so make sure your photographer brings an underwater camera!

When: Annual average temperatures typically hover around 27° C with seasonal lows only dipping to 25° C in January. During October to February is technically the island’s rainy season but don’t hold out for a rain shower because the precipitation is quite minimal.

Roatán 1



Where: Willemstad or Piscadera Bay

Why: From nightlife, to historical landmarks, to beautiful scenery Curacao has a sprinkling of everything brides and grooms are looking for. Say “I do” on one of the many tranquil and intimate beaches and later have your guests explore the salt flats of Jan Kok to spot flamingos.  Once everyone’s returned home, you and your husband/wife can relax in one of the many spas on the island. Diving or snorkelling here is a must, there’s an entire world of colourful fish and mysterious wrecks down below just waiting to be discovered.

When: This pretty island is also outside of the hurricane belt and boasts a sunny, warm climate for a majority of the year. Couples can expect average temperatures of about 27° C and some brief showers at night from October and February.

Curacao 1


Saint Lucia

Where: Gros Islet and Reduit Beach

Why:  We could just let the image of the majestic Piton mountains do the talking but where’s the fun in that? Saint Lucia has an alluring combination of thrilling eco-adventures and the glamorous resorts that are sure to leave your guests impressed. From sunset champagne cruises or trying the unique blend of flavours in Saint Lucia’s cuisine there’s no shortage of options for what visitors can do on the island.

When: Saint Lucia’s temperatures range from  around 21°C to 32° C depending on the season. Typically December and January are cooler, and high 30s are not uncommon from June to August. The island is even welcoming during the rainy season which is between June and November, these showers are usually brief and bring out the vibrant hues of the landscape (hello jaw-dropping wedding photos).

St Lucia 1