How to Choose Your Wedding Day Fragrance

Many women have a signature scent or a variety of fragrances they alternate depending on the occasion. Your wedding is the perfect opportunity to try something new and pick a perfume that will remind you of the day forever. Whether you choose to wear only this fragrance from now on or only wear a spritz for special occasions, a new scent is a memorable accessory that can sit on your beauty table every day.

Here’s some tips for choosing your new scent:

Don’t stray too far from what you love.

True for a new marriage and picking a perfume. If you typically gravitate towards florals, choosing an oriental fragrance is a bold and perhaps risky move. It’s nice to pick a scent that’s different but with some similar notes so you still feel (and smell) like you but with a romantic twist. Also think about your partner, the vow-exchange is the worst time to find out they hate the smell of patchouli.

Think about your venue.

It might be a nice touch to incorporate some details from your venue into your scent. Having a beach wedding? How about a fresh fragrance with notes of tropical jasmine or exotic fruits? Remember your rustic outdoor wedding with cedar notes or notes that match your bouquet. Ultra-glam affairs deserve matching scents with dramatic notes like ylang-ylang or classic rose.

Scents inspired by venue


Professional photos or Instagram-ready?

One of the hottest trends in wedding photography right now is to take a photo of the brides day-off accessories which often includes a shot of the fragrance. While a rollerball may seem like the best option for destination weddings or for stashing in a clutch, if this shot is one of your must-haves you may want to opt for the full-size bottle that’s photo-ready.

Photo-Ready Bottles


Don’t forget the groom!

This is a great opportunity to get your partner to switch things up a little too. If he’s not a cologne type of guy maybe opt for a scented product like an aftershave or beard-balm.

Scents for him


What if I don’t want to switch?

Well you know what you like and there’s nothing wrong with that! If you still want that special touch many perfume brands release limited editions of most fragrances in the fall and most are the same scent just in a different bottle. If your favourite signature scent is perfect as is, just shine up your bottle and check the ‘something old’ off your list.

Limited Edition Fragrances