Bridesmaid Gift Guide: Destination Wedding Edition

Giving your bridesmaids a thoughtful gift is a great way to thank them for all the hard work they put into your special day. While not necessary, this wedding trend is growing in popularity and can include everything from jewellery to monogrammed leather accessories.

For a destination wedding your girls have to put in a little extra effort in terms of booking time off work and travelling for a few days, so while a gift may not be mandatory it’s a super-sweet way to show your appreciation.

Gifts for your bridesmaids


For the beach babes

What could be more appropriate for a destination wedding then gifts they can use during some fun in the sun? Opt for a cute beach bag, flip flops or even monogrammed towels for a fun way to say thanks.

Get out again gifts

Want to give your girls something they’ll grab again and again? Instead of a getting-ready robe why not try items like a cute romper she can wear in the summer (also easy to remove without wrecking the hairdo!) or even a non-sheer beach cover-up. A cute bikini bag is also a great idea for any beach-day or future vacations.

For the travel mavens

Do you have a few members of your bridal party that have the travel bug? Give your girls a travel-friendly gift before take-off so they can use it for your big day as well as on future adventures. These travel-friendly makeup bags prevent lost lipsticks with a unique lay-flat design. In order for your girls to bring their must-have beauty products a stylish set of reusable travel containers are great to keep them travelling pretty.

Small and sweet

There are lots of small mementos you can gift your girls without breaking the bank. These smart and chic mini-emergency kits and compact and are under $25. Reusable tumblers are great for your girls to use during your destination wedding as well as at home for on-the-go smoothies and shakes. Pop in a nail file and a nice nailpolish shade to match your wedding colours and you have a cute and thoughtful gift.

Shiny and sentimental

Give a gift the girls can wear on the day itself and hold-onto as a keepsake for years after the event. A pretty piece of jewellery with a nod to the venue is a lovely way to give your bridesmaids a memento from your destination wedding.