Ask the Wedding Planner Q&A

For the fourth installment of our Ask the Wedding Planner Q&A blog series, we chatted with Wedding Vacations Senior Manager, Meghan Jakubowski, and Destination Wedding Consultant, Emily Scott. Meghan and Emily shared their expert insights about a variety of pressing destination wedding topics, from asking your wedding guests to follow a dress code to sharing their favorite island-inspired entertainment options!

What information do we need to include on the invitation?


Along with standard invitation details such as the date and location of your big day, it’s important that destination wedding invitations include the next steps for your guests to book their tropical getaway. Many destination wedding couples opt to send out electronic evites and use a wedding website to host all of the important wedding and travel details.

At Wedding Vacations, we send out electronic save-the-dates to all guests on the couple’s behalf which include booking details. This helps to simplify the process for the wedding couple as their guests can reach out directly to our team with all of their travel related questions.

Can you recommend any unique entertainment options?

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When it comes to reception entertainment, we love to incorporate local flavors and traditions! For example, tequila tastings, cigar rollers and reggae bands are all great entertainment choices that can also introduce your friends and family to some unique local traditions and goods from your chosen destination.

We also love entertainment that gets guests up and moving. For example, the Hora Loca, or ‘Crazy Hour’, is guaranteed to get the party started; this typically includes a mix of performers ranging from stilt walkers to dancers, all interacting with your wedding guests using assorted props such as glow sticks or masks. Some vendors offer water drummers as part of this service, which is always a favorite feature among wedding groups.

Is it customary to offer your guests several resort options?

Hideaway at Royalton Saint Lucia

Most hotels require that at least 70-80 percent of your wedding guests stay on-site. Therefore, most often, only one resort option is offered to guests. Choosing a resort that offers both family-friendly and adults only sections is a great way to cater to the varying vacation styles your guests may have. For example, select Royalton Luxury Resorts offer Hideaway sections which are an ideal option for your adult guests that may prefer to have a child-free vacation, since they still have access to the wider resort sections while staying in adults only accommodations with access to private restaurants, pool areas and more.

What’s the best way to ask my guests to follow a theme or dress code for my wedding?

If you’d like your guests to follow a particular theme or dress code, such as all white attire, it’s best to let them know early on by including this information on your wedding invitation or wedding website to ensure they have time to prepare. Dress codes or themes are a polite way to help guide your guests choose appropriate attire. However, remember, it’s important to be as clear as possible in your request and try to avoid confusion, for instance “beach chic” seems like a cute theme but it can be confusing for guests. Themes can definitely be a fun way to help curate the overall look of your wedding but be sure to make your request something that everyone will feel comfortable participating in.

Typically, weddings are held on the weekend – does this apply to destination weddings or can I host my celebrations on a week day?

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One of the benefits of a destination wedding is that you’re on vacation, so the weekend tradition no longer applies and you can host your destination wedding any day of the week! However, some resorts have policies about what day you can host your wedding based on when you arrive in destination and others charge an additional fee for Sunday weddings. It’s best to discuss resort policies and details with your Wedding Vacations Consultant so that you have all the information you need before confirming your wedding date!