Ask the Expert – Wedding Day Makeup

Toronto-based makeup and hair artist, Rachel Renna, frequently helps brides with their makeup for the big day, both here in Canada and in destination. In addition to working with a host of celebrity clients, she’s also the Beauty Director for FACE Atelier at Kleinfeld Hudson’s Bay, an innovative range of long-wearing cosmetics designed especially for brides that photograph flawlessly. We sat down with her to talk everything bridal beauty and get her tips on destination wedding makeup!

What tips do you have for brides who aren’t sure what type of makeup look they want?

Photographer: Camilla Pucholt

RR: Know that there is no wrong answer. Consider what style makes you feel most confident, which of your features you like the must, and try not to stray too far from your comfort zone – your wedding is not the day to do something overly-adventurous! Find pictures of looks you love and don’t be afraid to experiment on your own before conducting your bridal trial with your makeup artist, which will allow you to articulate your preferences and nail down your bridal look.

Are there any beauty trends for 2017 you think work perfectly for destination weddings? Are there any you think brides should leave at home?

Photographer: Camilla Pucholt

RR: I feel that a lot of bridal trends that work well for weddings at home may not be the most suitable for destination brides. One to leave at home would definitely be super lengthy and voluminous false lashes, as they can create unflattering shadows on your  face in harsh outdoor lighting. Also, strobing is great for body glow but incorporating too much radiance on the face can just make you look like a sweaty mess. However, the one makeup trend you should definitely take with you is matte long-wearing lipstick!

Should brides purchase some of their own cosmetics for their makeup artist to use in destination?

RR: It’s definitely a good idea to have your favourite cosmetic items packed. This can assist the artist in knowing the formulas and colour palettes you’re most comfortable in. Plus it’s always best to be more safe than sorry, and they can come in handy later in the evening as your personal bridal touch-up kit.

If brides want to bring a trusted makeup artist from home to their destination wedding what’s the best way to ask? Is this common in the industry?

Photographer: Camilla Pucholt

RR:  Of course! Typically, you should contact your artist about a year in advance of the date to request they book the time off in their bridal calendar, and ask for a bridal contract that outlines their rates in services (and look into the additional expense of booking the artist’s plane ticket and accommodations). Although it’s not the most cost efficient option, you’ll get to conduct a bridal makeup trial in advance and meet with the artist to plan your look before the big day.

Are there any tips for making sure your face is the perfect canvas before the big day?

Photographer: Camilla Pucholt

RR:  Usually you’re in the country for at least two days prior to the wedding ceremony, giving you ample opportunity to get some sun – or a sun burn if you’re not careful! Ensure you stay diligent with reapplying sunscreen and keeping your face, chest and shoulders protected. Also, try to limit alcohol intake and stay hydrated so your skin looks great in your wedding pictures.

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