Ask the Expert – Floral Tips and Trends

So you’ve picked the destination and hotel, now it’s time to pick the flowers! We asked one of our planning experts here at Wedding Vacations by Sunwing, Meghan Jakubowski, for some tip and trends for destination wedding floral!

What is the most common floral trend for destination wedding couples right now?

MJ: There’s beauty in simplicity! Many destination wedding couples are opting to keep it simple with their floral décor. When you have a stunning backdrop like the beach or a sky deck overlooking the ocean, you want to enhance your surroundings, not take away from them. You don’t need to overdo it with floral, less is more, let your destination speak for itself!

 Photographer: Amrita Singh Photography

What are some of the most requested types of flowers?

MJ: Many of our clients are not picky when it comes to the exact types of flowers, they are mostly focused on colour. If you are looking for a pop of colour, then I say the brighter the better! Pink is always a popular colour request and is an easy colour to come by in destination. Many flowers that are generally available and inexpensive in most countries come in a variety of bright shades (including pink) such as roses, ginger lilies, and carnations. I would also recommend complimenting those bright tones with paler shades of the same colour to help give that ombre effect we all know and love.

The greenery trend is also in full force this year, which comes as no surprise as it was selected as Pantone’s colour of the year! A vibrant green with yellow undertones will really compliment the tropical destination you are in. Also, mixing different textures with a combination of floral, greenery and even incorporating some succulents for some added structure really photographs beautifully.

 Photographer: Jenn Kavanagh Photography

What are some tips for making sure bouquets will withstand the tropical heat?

MJ: Keep it local! Choosing flowers that are local to your destination will ensure that they stay fresh longer throughout the ceremony and reception as they will be better at withstanding the heat. If you have a particular flower that you love but it’s imported, I suggest just mixing in a few to your arrangements along with tropical blooms.

I also love the idea of incorporating leaves or plants as these hold up well in the heat as well. Try adding palms leaves as runners for long rectangular tables. This makes such a statement and really compliments the current trend towards natural simplicity.

 Photographer: Jenn Kavanagh Photography

What types of boutonnieres do you recommend?

MJ: I usually recommend keeping boutonnieres on the smaller side. Depending on the groom and groomsmen destination attire, larger floral can be overwhelming and stand out, especially if they are not wearing a suit jacket. I also really like the look of a looser hand-picked style boutonniere such as a small spray rose with more foliage than floral to coincide with the current greenery trend.

Photographer: Katherine Stinnett Photography

What are some of the most unique trends you’ve seen this year?

MJ: If you want to try something different or unique to make your wedding stand out you have to think outside the vase! Instead of an arch with flowers on each side, why not stand in front of an entire floral wall. I also love the look of suspended floral arrangements. Try a flower chandelier, hanging glass orbs with single flowers, or mini vases and upside down bouquets. Details like this really make your floral décor stand out and also make for stunning photos!

Photographer: Citlalli Rico Photography

What is one of your favourite floral trends right now?

MJ: I can’t get enough of floral crowns and head pieces. The boho look is perfect for a laid-back destination bride, and who doesn’t feel pretty having flowers in their hair! Whether it’s a full crown or just a single flower tucked in your up do, flowers are still one of my favourite accessories for brides and bridesmaids alike.

Photographer: Tricia Victoria Photography

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