Real Weddings

Real Wedding: Erika & Jeffrey

Where it all Started When Erika and Jeff first met at Erika’s old work, they were both enchanted by each other’s sparkling blue eyes and charming personalities; she loved his great sense of humour, and he loved her amazing smile. Jeff was incredibly shy, so Erika was the one who took the plunge (at the …

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Real Weddings: Mandy & Drew

Congratulations to Mandy and Drew on winning our Destination Weddings Photo Contest from Volume 6 Issue 2. Where it all Started It’s a story of shy and pretty girl meets dashing and confident guy. Shortly after would blossom a love that turned into a lasting relationship and eventually wedded bliss. The couple met at the …

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Real Weddings: Keltie & Sean

Where it all Started Happy newlywed Keltie Gilmar, business development manager for Sunwing Travel Group in Alberta,  never imagined that keeping in touch with an elementary school teacher would lead her to the love of her life. But when Gilmar’s former teacher sent her son, Sean Martell, to book a trip to New Zealand with …

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Real Weddings: Janice & Brian

Where it all Started When Janice, a 9-1-1 dispatcher, met Brian, a police officer, she initially thought he was a tad quirky. But soon, Brian’s offbeat charm won her over. As they lingered over drinks on a restaurant patio, Janice found Brian warm, genuine and funny. Brian was soon smitten, too. He thought Janice was …

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Real Wedding: Jennifer & Patrick

Where it all Started Jennifer and Patrick first met through an online dating site, but when they first locked eyes in real life there was an instant chemistry. Jennifer, a registered nurse, and Patrick, a police officer, nursed their drinks for hours, surprised that they had so much to share. Not long after they met, …

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