Real Weddings

Real Weddings: Janice & Brian

Where it all Started When Janice, a 9-1-1 dispatcher, met Brian, a police officer, she initially thought he was a tad quirky. But soon, Brian’s offbeat charm won her over. As they lingered over drinks on a restaurant patio, Janice found Brian warm, genuine and funny. Brian was soon smitten, too. He thought Janice was …

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Real Wedding: Jennifer & Patrick

Where it all Started Jennifer and Patrick first met through an online dating site, but when they first locked eyes in real life there was an instant chemistry. Jennifer, a registered nurse, and Patrick, a police officer, nursed their drinks for hours, surprised that they had so much to share. Not long after they met, …

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Real Weddings: Riley & Cooper

Where it all Started It’s only fitting that Riley and Cooper decided on a destination wedding because the story of their love starts on a beach. One summer, while hanging out on the sand, Riley and Cooper were introduced by mutual friends. Riley, a woodworker, immediately noticed Cooper’s handsome blue eyes, and she immediately liked …

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Real Weddings: Jade and Tanner

Where It All Started Jade and Tanner might have met in a thoroughly modern way – through a dating website – but the pair was drawn to the timeless qualities they each saw in the other. On their first date, Jade, a kitchen designer, found Tanner confident and comfortable, interested in hearing about her life …

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Real Weddings: Mike and Erica

Where It All Started  For Erica and Mike, love took a long time. The couple met in ninth grade in Milton, and both became smitten. He saw a beautiful and sweet soul, and she had a big crush on the “cool kid.” They formed a lasting friendship, hanging out after school and going on a …

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