Real Weddings

We believe the best way to get inspired for destination wedding planning is to look at how real couples tied the knot. With our Real Weddings you can see photos and read about all the details that went into making these weddings vacations unforgettable. When you’re ready, our experts can help answer questions or get you a quote just fill out the easy form here.

Real Wedding: Jennifer & Patrick

Where it all Started Jennifer and Patrick first met through an online dating site, but when they first locked eyes in real life there was an instant chemistry. Jennifer, a registered nurse, and Patrick, a police officer, nursed their drinks for hours, surprised that they had so much to share. Not long after they met, …

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Real Weddings: Riley & Cooper

Where it all Started It’s only fitting that Riley and Cooper decided on a destination wedding because the story of their love starts on a beach. One summer, while hanging out on the sand, Riley and Cooper were introduced by mutual friends. Riley, a woodworker, immediately noticed Cooper’s handsome blue eyes, and she immediately liked …

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Real Weddings: Jade and Tanner

Where It All Started Jade and Tanner might have met in a thoroughly modern way – through a dating website – but the pair was drawn to the timeless qualities they each saw in the other. On their first date, Jade, a kitchen designer, found Tanner confident and comfortable, interested in hearing about her life …

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Real Weddings: Mike and Erica

Where It All Started  For Erica and Mike, love took a long time. The couple met in ninth grade in Milton, and both became smitten. He saw a beautiful and sweet soul, and she had a big crush on the “cool kid.” They formed a lasting friendship, hanging out after school and going on a …

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Real Weddings: Krystyn and Nicholas

Where it All Started Connected through a mutual friend, Krystyn and Nicholas clicked with ease. Nicholas was quickly taken by Krystyn’s fun, loving and upbeat spirit, while Krystyn was drawn by Nicholas’ kind and caring nature, and comforting presence. The travel consultant and small business owner bonded over many commonalities—one of which being a love …

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