Things that change when you get married

By Christyl and Victor Abraham


He says: “Although it may be daunting at first to consider that you are now both responsible for someone else’s financial well-being, there are a lot of benefits to joining finances.  Since you are now likely sharing your responsibilities, it is much more manageable to pay off debts, and monthly expenses with two incomes. We’ve found that staggering our bill and mortgage payments to coincide with our paycheques has helped us to automate a lot of the worry that comes along with large financial burdens.  You can contact any of your lenders or utility providers to make this request (or even set it up online).”


She says: “This is the first thing to go when you get married! I was happy that I grew my hair out for our wedding, but I was even happier to finally get it cut after all of the time and maintenance I spent on it!  Many of my girlfriends have done the same – it’s almost like a rite of passage for brides!”

He says: “Leave your hair long, honey – but of course I love you any way you wear your hair (a happy wife is a happy life).”


He says: “It’s not so much that it changes, but more so that it evolves and you have to keep working at it.  People idealize the ‘honeymoon phase,’ but relationships change as you change and your communication style needs to accommodate that.  The trick is to change together so that you stay on the same page and you don’t grow apart.”

She says:  “I think that when you’re dating, there’s always the thought in the back of your mind that if it doesn’t work out, you can just move on.  I take the commitment of marriage very seriously, and would not have entered into it if I didn’t think that we would be able to communicate effectively over the long term.”

Date night

She says:  “Date night definitely changed after marriage!  Although we still make a point to get dressed up and go out on the town every so often, we’re just as happy to order a pizza, make a bed fort and watch The Good Wife on a Friday night.  In fact, Friday night is now considered a weeknight – we’re lucky if we make it past 10:00 p.m.!”


He says:  “We’ve always been extremely family-oriented, but once you’re married, you start to look at the bigger picture.  We don’t have any children, so we spend a lot of time enjoying life with our parents, siblings and close friends.   We love hosting dinner parties (my wife has a serious Martha Stewart and Pinterest obsession – secretly I do too) and we try to make sure that we make plans with the people we care about on a regular basis – our weekends are always jam-packed!”

Goals & ambitions

She says:  “There’s a certain sense of comfort in knowing that you now have this constant support system that will be there for you in everything that you endeavor to accomplish in life.  Even though we may not always agree with each other’s plans, we are still there for each other and that in itself is very motivating and inspiring.  I have taken on many challenges that I may not have had the courage to do on my own.”


She says:  “Now that the wedding is paid for, we don’t have to be quite so thrifty with our vacations!  We have about 3 weeks of vacation every year, so we like to take at least two destination vacations and one “staycation.”  We usually start with a luxurious getaway and we absolutely love the Royalton resorts.  They really cater to Canadians with their ultra-luxurious Dreambeds and pillow menu (we had to buy a new bed when we returned because ours just didn’t cut it anymore), Wi-Fi and free long distance calling throughout the resort, unlimited reservation-free dining and most of them serve my favourite – poutine!  Then we take a more economical vacation, usually to a Memories property in Cuba because they are so consistent with their service and quality.  Our “staycations” usually consist of getting minor tasks accomplished and visiting Canadian cities or provinces that we haven’t been to before.”

Your home

He says: “Shortly after we were married, we moved from an apartment to our first home together.  It’s a large responsibility, but a very positive one as I take pride in my home.  When you’re renting, everything seems temporary and replaceable – when you own it, you want to make sure that everything is done meticulously and with your own personal style.”

Your name

She says:  “Well, this one is mainly for the ladies – it took me several months to change my name everywhere, and just when I thought it was over, another piece of mail would arrive and remind me that I still wasn’t finished.  Start with your government IDs and passports and that’s all you’ll need to change it everywhere else.  Doctors, utilities and financial institutions are the priorities and then then the rest will come with time.”

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The best beaches in Puerto Plata

Situated on the north coast of the island facing the swirling seas of the Atlantic Ocean, Puerto Plata is the perfect playground for water sport enthusiasts. With great undulating waves, a perfect climate, and pleasant trade winds, there’s a host of activities to please every kind of water baby – from adrenaline-seekers who surf and kitesurf, to underwater explorers with excellent snorkelling. In addition to some wicked waves, this slice of the Dominican Republic is known for its exquisite beaches, which make for a great spot to while away the day working on your tan or an idyllic backdrop of your picture-perfect wedding ceremony. Say, “I do” with the warm ocean breeze blowing and the sun shining down upon you.

The best beaches in Puerto Plata cater to travellers of all styles and interests. Here is a selection of beaches to dip your toes in, snorkel your way through or just simply while away the hours on some pristine oceanfront stretches of sand.

Playa Grande

Mark this beach as a “Must Visit” when you find yourself in Puerto Plata. Arguably one of the most beautiful beaches in the Dominican Republic, Playa Grande offers sun-worshipping vacationers stunning azure waters on one side, milky-beige sands on the other and backed by a dense fringe of palm trees. Striking cliffs plunging into the ocean depths below, visible in the distance, add to the enchantment of this fairy-tale beach setting. Lovers will delight at this tropical locale which offers picture-perfect backdrops for post-wedding photos thanks to its lush foliage, clean sands and naturally-splendid landscape.

El Breton Beach

A short drive east of Puerto Plata nestled within Cabo Frances Viejo National Park, El Breton Beach, a gorgeous cove, hides away behind swaths of lush verdant forest. For those looking for a beach off the beaten path, this one is the winning ticket. Work up a sweat with a rigorous hike through the park then cool off with a refreshing dip in the ocean. Divers and snorkellers will marvel at a magnificent Spanish galleon shipwreck, which sank almost 400 years ago and displaced so much of the living coral that it gave the new formation the moniker, “Silver Shoals.”

Punta Rucia Beach

West of Puerto Plata, Punta Rucia boasts white sand beaches and gorgeous mountain views. This beach on the north coast a small point that separates the two beaches (Ensenada) is bordered by a large thriving coral reef, which provides great snorkelling to discover a multi-coloured world of marine flora and fauna and is a popular spot for snorkellers. Small eateries line the beach and are convenient addition to while away the day without having to leave. A peaceful lagoon nearby provides the perfect setting for bird-watching.

Cayo Arena

One cannot help but conjure up dream-like images of paradise islands and mirages when they come upon Cayo Arena. A tiny islet surrounded by emerald and sapphire-coloured waters and a short boat ride from the north shore, Cayo Arena brings to mind the paradisiacal landscapes of an oasis island in the middle of the sea. This tiny paradise is famous for its sea bed that is home to a spectacular aquatic world with beautiful coral reef formations and vibrant marine life making it a list-topper for snorkellers.


Surfers, windsurfers and kiteboarders find their true calling at Cabarete, where the perfect mix of constant winds and waves provide the ultimate playground for these aquatic athletes.  Just 20 minutes from Puerto Plata, this small, laid-back spot is also home to the world’s largest kiteboarding competition each year. You won’t want to forget your camera as witnessing these water gliders and their colourful sails in the sky provide great subjects to photograph. Bring along your own equipment for a small fee to catch some of your own waves, or simply admire these daredevils from the shore.

It’s evident that the beaches in Puerto Plata serve up a harmonious mix of silky sands, beautiful deep blue waters, and laid-back vibes. So, no matter what kind of vacationer you are, grab the sun block, your flip flops and your shade, and hit the beach!


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Real Weddings: Caralin & Chris

The early morning commute into downtown Toronto was always Chris’ favourite time of day. Bleary-eyed with an extra large coffee in hand, he would wait in anticipation for the girl with the gorgeous smile. Meanwhile, Caralin couldn’t help but notice the handsome fellow on her daily train ride whose mesmerizing eyes she couldn’t forget throughout the work day.  The story of Chris and Caralin may have started in the most unlikely of places – on board a commuter train – but this rush-hour romance turned into a relationship that went beyond the 9-to-5 daily grind.

Frequent travellers to the balmy Caribbean, it only made sense to Chris that that was where he would ask the love of his life to marry him. The twosome found their way to Puerto Plata, along the northern coast of the Dominican Republic. Venturing off to a secluded beach with a priceless vista of the water, Chris knew that this was the moment of truth.

“I told her how I felt and that life apart would be no life at all. I proposed and she accepted. There [were] more mushy details in between but being there together, where we love to be, made the engagement that [much] more amazing,” he remembers.

Dominican dreams

The sounds of the ocean and the breathtaking view provided the perfect setting for this love-struck pair to say, “I do” in front of 70 of their closest friends and family. Continuing their Dominican theme, the pair held their wedding, accented in a cheery palette of turquoise, pink, purple and green, at the regal Majestic Colonial Punta Cana.

“The location of the ceremony was perfect,” Chris enthuses, “[Blue ocean], the white sand and the gazebo were all great.” Undoubtedly, Caralin’s most memorable moment was, “Saying ‘I do’ to the man I could not live without, surrounded by my most favourite people, palm trees and the sand between my toes.”

After the ceremony, the elated group made their way to the Parrots Bar to continue their celebrations into the night. As a surprise to Caralin, her bridesmaids and friends decorated the reception
gazebo with lanterns, lights and signs, adding to the magic of their tropical nuptials. Never one to miss out on surprising his new wife, Chris had something else planned up his sleeve. After their first dance to Train’s Marry Me and with the help of a few vodka and waters – their signature wedding drink – Chris and his groomsmen enacted a steamy striptease dance for the new bride that, as Caralin recounts, “would be unforgettable…not only for me!”

Paying homage to her Chinese roots, guests took home red sedan chair boxes (which Chinese brides get carried in to meet their groom) filled with lucky candy as favours.

The newlywed lovebirds made their way over to Jamaica where they enjoyed a quiet honeymoon.

Get their look

Caralin’s gown: White tulle, Mori Lee.

Caralin’s shoes: Barefoot.

Chris’ outfit:  A mix and match of various brands.

Bridesmaids dresses: Coral knee-length dresses, Aritzia.

Groomsmen attire:  A mix and match of various brands.

Photographer: Vaughn Barry Photography.

Hair: Majestic Spa and Esthetics.

Old | New | Borrowed | Blue

Old: Pearl and diamond ring (an anniversary gift from her father to her mother).

New: Earrings from Chris.

Borrowed: Veil from Caralin’s sister.

Blue: Underwear.

Tips for brides and grooms
  • It’s so simple to plan a wedding abroad – everything seemed to be taken care of by the wedding planner. 

To see your wedding photos splashed on and for a chance to win a romantic vacation for two, stay tuned to our Facebook page! You could also be featured in an upcoming issue of Wedding Vacations magazine

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The 10 reasons why you need help with wedding planning

By Joe Tuck

Articles about destination wedding tips and trends can give you ideas and inspiration but consulting with an actual wedding expert will be the best decision you can make. While friends and family are great at offering their love and support, a consultant can be of the practical assistance, which will lead to savings in the long run. Here are 10 ways your consultant can help.

  1. Your consultant has an established relationship with the at-destination resort and understands what the in-house wedding planners can provide on the ground. This goes a long way toward managing expectations and seeing that every detail is twice confirmed. Dealing with a resort directly might mean you won’t hear back straightaway. The consultant is a reliable partner who speaks the resort staff’s language, professionally and likely, linguistically.
  1. You’ve chosen the best spot on the beach for your destination wedding but what will you and your guests do before and after the ceremony? Every location has its signature hot spots and activities, and your consultant can hook you up with the best tours, whether it’s an adventure for the whole group or an intimate excursion for two. These safe and reliable tour recommendations can bring peace of mind when it’s most needed. Surprise your bridal party with surfing lessons, or, your spouse-to-be with a jeep tour to swim under a waterfall
  1. It’s the M.O. of a wedding expert to cater to large groups. Taking your wedding abroad means coordinating flights, resorts, and tours for all of your closest family and friends. You might have folks coming along who’ve never been issued a passport stamp and an expert is a great resource to have in your back pocket. Putting travel coordination in the hands of a consultant who can offer a bespoke service lets you focus on the romance and fun parts of a wedding, like choosing the dress and playlist songs for the reception.
  1. You won’t see the fruits of your labour until you arrive; as a result, this once-in-a-lifetime event comes with many questions. What do I have to pay for? What will the flowers look like? Does the beach really have white sand? Is the food any good there? For your consultant these questions are common and they can advise you so that what you want is what you can expect upon arrival.
  1. Plan B. What if there is bad weather, last minute guest additions or someone needs to cancel? Up and to the moment the vows are spoken anything can happen and your consultant can advise you on all the second best options to carry under your cap when the unexpected occurs or things fall sideways.
  1. What to bring/What not to bring. Packing is never an easy task, never mind having to include a wedding dress and tuxedo shoes as carry-ons. You’ll be surprised by what can be provided for at the destination, on or off the resort, so cross-reference your checklist with the wedding consultant and perhaps you can leave the hair blower and curling iron at home.
  1. A destination wedding offers up the chance to party in paradise and it will likely connect you with a different culture. Many couples choose to incorporate elements of the local milieu into their wedding day. While your consultant is connected in your destination, they’ll also be able to give you local referrals in your home town – i.e. a Salsa Dance Instructor or a Spanish language tutor.
  1. Travel brochures are as thick as telephone books and you can go cross-eyed wading through all the choices. Do you want to stay in ocean-side villas or under a jungle canopy; a city-sized resort and casino with all the amenities or a boutique style hotel; island or mainland? Sitting down with a consultant will allow you to talk through what is most important to you for a wedding destination and your consultant will be able to present the best resort options available.
  1. Next to having a baby, planning a wedding always brings with it, loads of advice and suggestions from friends and family. While these words of wisdom are imparted with the best of intentions, having a consultant in your corner is firstly, a reliable filter to run all the information through, and second, they are a third party confidant that can handle your venting about family frustrations without making judgements.
  1. We couldn’t avoid it. The BUDGET. Given the investment of time and money this feast of occasion commands it makes sense that hiring a consultant will lead to long-term savings. The expert can keep your budget in check, help you set realistic goals, let you know about money saving ideas and over expenditures, and present you with options that will save you headaches on what will be a day of no regrets.



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Top 8 “something blue” ideas for your destination wedding

By Natasha Jervis

A destination wedding is one of the most unique wedding celebration styles that a couple can have, but what happens when your special day in the tropics is just around the corner and you haven’t found something blue yet? I know how I was when I was frantically searching for something blue  and unique before getting married on the beach in Mexico last May, and believe me, it wasn’t pretty.

There are loads of ideas that you can use as your something blue, from blue flowers and blue toenail polish to blue hair accessories and earrings. How about mixing things up and breaking free from the same old, same old? Check out these eight unique something blue ideas for your tropical destination wedding.

Anklet or charm bracelet

Many brides decide on earrings with little blue jewels in them. An anklet or bracelet with little blue charms is a bit more untraditional when it comes to wearing something blue on your wedding day. Bear in mind that your gown will probably hide an anklet like mine did, whereas a sparkling blue charm bracelet will be seen by everyone.

Bow tie?

For your man that is. A unique idea is to have your man bring the blue to your wedding day. There are loads of tasteful bow ties out in stores, so you won’t have any problem finding one. The hardest part will be getting your husband-to-be to wear it.

Hair accessories

A popular choice among brides is to add a blue clip or ribbon in their hair. Get creative and be a wild child by placing blue orchids (fake or real) in your hair. Orchids are unique and stunning on their own, so imagine how beautiful you’ll look with one of the most exotic flowers in your hair. For example, for my destination beach wedding, I placed white orchids in my hair and my man loved the exotic style. Be more daring than me and make them your something blue!


We aren’t talking about your dear old great grandmothers 1930s vintage brooch here. If you want to spruce up your wedding dress, you can attach a silver brooch with little blue crystals or if you are part of the more affluent crowd, sapphires.


Your something blue can be something you put on and take off, as long as you wear it at some point in the official ceremony. While you may not want to wear a shawl over your wedding dress in the blazing hot sun, you may be thankful for it afterwards when the temperatures drop and the breeze comes in. You can wear a light blue shawl as you walk down the aisle and pass it to a family member to hold.


This was another one of my simple solutions for something unique and blue at my tropical destination wedding. I attached a piece of blue ribbon around my bouquet of flowers. It was a simple and easy idea, and when my anklet wasn’t showing during the ceremony, my ribbon was.


A blue clutch purse is a unique way to add some blue elegance to your wedding outfit. It is also a smart bride move, as you can keep your “refresher” makeup with you during the ceremony and festivities that follow after.

Wedding dress

Step out of your comfort zone and be extraordinary. Get married in blue! This is a fantastic way to solve two wedding day dilemmas at one time. There are so many blues out there to choose from and in these modern times, women can wed in whatever they like. Your something blue can be you!

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#EPIC wedding entrance songs

By J. Tuck

The destination’s resort DJ can set the playlist for your reception but your choice of entrance song sets the tone for the celebration. Whether it’s a choreographed ensemble presentation featuring the entire wedding party or a subtle, intimate introduction – depending on the locale of your post-nuptial festivity – you can tailor the tune to suit the seaside scenery. Here is a set list-worth of songs to consider for your introduction as newlyweds and the first track to an evening spent dancing in the sand.


♥ La Isla Bonita (Madonna) – Essential lyrics: Beautiful faces, no cares in this world, Where a girl loves a boy, and a boy loves a girl.

♥ Walking on Sunshine (Katrina and the Waves) – Essential lyrics: I feel alive, I feel the love, I feel the love that’s really real / I feel alive, I feel the love, I feel the love that’s really real.

♥ Lovely Day (Bill Withers)- Essential lyrics: Then I look at you, And the world’s alright with me / Just one look at you / And I know it’s gonna be / A lovely day.

♥ Beautiful Day (U2) – Essential lyrics: It’s a beautiful day / Don’t let it get away.

♥ Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I’m Yours (Stevie Wonder) – Essential lyrics: Ooh baby, here I am / Signed, sealed delivered, I’m yours.

♥ The Way You Make Me Feel (Michael Jackson) – Essential lyrics: I never felt so in love before / Promise baby, you’ll love me / Forevermore.

♥ You’re My Best Friend (Queen) – Essential lyrics: I’ve been with you such a long time / You’re my sunshine.


♥ Shut Up and Dance (Walk the Moon) – Essential lyrics: Oh, we were bound to get together / Bound to get together.

♥ Happy (Pharrel Williams) – Essential lyrics: Sunshine she’s here, you can take a break.

♥ Cheerleader (OMI) – Essential lyrics: She gives me love and affection / Baby did I mention / You’re the only girl for me / No I don’t need no next one.

♥ It Takes Two (Rob Base & DJ EZ Rock) – Essential lyrics: It takes two to make a thing go right / It takes two to make it outta sight.

♥ Uptown Funk (Bruno Mars) – Essential lyrics: Don’t believe me just watch.

♥ Crazy in Love (Beyoncé, Jay-Z) – Essential lyrics: ‘Cuz I know I don’t understand, Just how your love can do what no one else can.

♥ Forever (Chris Brown) – Essential lyrics: Feels like we’re on another level / Feels like our loves intertwined.


♥ Say Hey (I Love You) (Michael Franti & Spearhead) – Essential lyrics: But I know one thing / That I love you.

♥ Praise You (Fatboy Slim) – Essential lyrics: I have to celebrate you baby / I have to praise you like I should.

♥ I Gotta Feelin’ (Black Eyed Peas) – Essential lyrics: Tonight’s the night / Let’s live it up.

♥ Without You (ft. Usher) (David Guetta) – Essential lyrics: All I need is you and I.

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It’s how you say it: Destination wedding invitations

Save-the-date and the wedding invitations are the first impressions your guests will have of your wedding, providing the need-to-know information while also giving them a taste of the style, theme and tone of your wedding.

While you might have thought of all the cute ways you’re going to present this information – boarding passes, luggage tags and passports are our faves – there are other factors to think about when sending wedding invitations. So, before you click ‘Purchase’ on that cute set of pale green palm tree invitations, read this round up of frequently asked questions which covers all your invitation queries, from verbage, timing and design trends.

Once your guests receive their carefully-crafted invite in the mail, they’ll be booking their flights in no time.

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Bridal jewellery: The marriage of something old and something new

From fine lace embroidered with the finest threads to the ribbon wound sweetly around her waist, the destination bride is making more than one statement on her wedding day. Her jewellery is no exception.

New era bridal jewellery is awe-inspiring and lavish, yet its sophistication overrides any appetite for bling. Today’s trending statement pieces, like the designs from Pink Lovebird Boutique, strike a magnificent balance between the timeless elegance of the old world and the sparkling sensation of the new. The power of this style is that it catches the eye and directs it to the entire look.

Inspired by nature and time, brides are choosing pieces that use florals, soft colours, dramatic contrasts and subtle textures to add to their aura. Gone are the days of loud hues or flashy stones that overwhelmed bridal couture in years past, as we welcome a delicate fusion of classic elegance and modern sophistication that enhances the ensemble in its entirety.

What could possibly complement the twinkle in a bride’s eye better than a weave of crystal around her neck? It is the embellishments that make her a work of art. Like her jewellery, she is the sum of a thousand tiny details that radiate from her like the sun reflects off crests in the sea.

Arm Party Stretch Bracelet

Sweet and simple sparkle

For brides favouring a sweetheart look, a petite collage of gold and crystal on the wrist is a popular contemporary alternative to the tennis bracelet. With a design that is both simple but elegant, detailed by light, the Arm Party Stretch Bracelet mixes texture and sparkle to impart a single impression on the wearer: Grace. Softened by the warm hues and livened by the crystal, a little sparkle goes a long way.

Red Carpet Earrings

Dripping elegance

To complement any statement necklace or neckline, a simple yet stunning way to frame the face is with a subtle drip of crystal. Whether a bride’s hair is fastened in an up-do or let loose, these Red Carpet Earrings will bring out the twinkle in a bride’s eye without being overpowering. Classic, subtle and sweet, these earrings are the perfect embellishment to any dress, hairstyle or look.


Rustic vintage meets modern shineCrystal Ribbon Necklace

For the bride who wants a touch of glamour mixed with vintage charm, this rustic, crystal-studded statement piece accentuates any gown. Dubbed the Crystal Ribbon Necklace, it weaves crystals and glass of various cuts and shapes. Exuding 1920s charm, it also embraces modernity with its conservative length. Dazzling the eye and the neckline, this combination era piece is in and of itself a feast for the eyes.

Night Garden Necklace

Dramatic highs and elegant lows

Flowers have moved from a mere sensory delight to an aesthetic one. Petals, once only found adorning table tops or in bouquets, now decorate blushing brides or newly-wed belles in a symphony of crystals, glass and colours. The Night Garden Necklace, with its rolling valleys and sharp peaks, brings to mind flowers under starlight. A contrast of sweet pastels and dramatic darks, it’s subtle enough for an afternoon ceremony and bright enough for a honeymoon celebration for two.

Villa Medici Bracelet

Romantic era inspiration

The blacks, emeralds and golds of the Romantic Era have not been lost to today’s bridal world of white. While a splash of dark hues gives this bracelet an heirloom feel, a flower design, like the one in the Villa Medici Bracelet, brings the piece back to the trending present. For the bride or bridesmaid who savours a contemporary edge, an elegant, high-contrast bracelet makes a bold statement, melding old with new.

Teatro Deco Necklace

A splash of the sea

Something old, something new, and something from nature, too. For the destination bride, there’s nothing more beautiful than the riveting colours of a sunset or the tranquility of a still lagoon. Adding a splash of colour to a black and white affair is a beautiful way to pay homage to an idyllic wedding landscape while staying on trend. The Teatro Deco Necklace borrows a touch of sea
foam green, the perfect complement to turquoise waters and a cloudless Caribbean sky.

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Why do grooms get cold feet?

It’s enough to make anyone shudder. The thought of cancelling your wedding, or – dare we even say it? – being left at the altar is a bride’s worst nightmare.

While wondering, “am I doing the right thing?” and feeling anxious are perfectly natural feelings before you embark on one of the most defining moments of your life, persistent hesitation and doubt throughout the wedding planning process and beyond could be warning signals of a deeper issue.

While we at are not therapists, we know that some sounds advice is often enough to worry our racing minds. So, save yourself the stress and the drama and give yourself some peace of mind by reading up on the tell-tale signs and reasons why grooms get cold feet.

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The fling before the ring: Awesome bachelorette party ideas

When one thinks of bachelorette parties images of male strippers, booze, pink feather boas and sparkling tiaras come to mind. The ever-so-important bachelorette party is the final fling before the ring, and is almost as highly anticipated as the wedding itself. While the typical bachelorette affair includes the usual mix of alcohol, heels and hangovers (which there is nothing wrong with), thankfully there are more ways than one to celebrate your friends last days as a single woman.

Send your BFF off from her days of singledom with these alternative bachelorette party ideas.

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